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@@ -702,7 +702,7 @@ Q_STATIC_ASSERT((std::is_same<qsizetype, qptrdiff>::value));
64-bit integer literals in a platform-independent way. The
Q_CHECK_PTR() macro prints a warning containing the source code's
file name and line number, saying that the program ran out of
- memory, if the pointer is 0. The qPrintable() and qUtf8Printable()
+ memory, if the pointer is \nullptr. The qPrintable() and qUtf8Printable()
macros represent an easy way of printing text.
The QT_POINTER_SIZE macro expands to the size of a pointer in bytes.
@@ -3279,7 +3279,7 @@ QByteArray QSysInfo::bootUniqueId()
\macro void Q_CHECK_PTR(void *pointer)
\relates <QtGlobal>
- If \a pointer is 0, prints a message containing the source
+ If \a pointer is \nullptr, prints a message containing the source
code's file name and line number, saying that the program ran out
of memory and aborts program execution. It throws \c std::bad_alloc instead
if exceptions are enabled.