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Long live QRandomGenerator
This class provides a reasonably-secure random number generator that does not need seeding. That is quite unlike qrand(), which requires a seed and is low-quality (definitely not secure). This class is also like std::random_device, but better. It provides an operator() like std::random_device, but unlike that, it also provides a way to fill a buffer with random data, not just one 32-bit quantity. It's also stateless. Finally, it also implements std::seed_seq-like generate(). It obeys the standard requirement of the range (32-bit) but not that of the algorithm (if you wanted that, you'd use std::seed_seq itself). Instead, generate() fills with pure random data. Change-Id: Icd0e0d4b27cb4e5eb892fffd14b4e3ba9ea04da8 Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <>
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@@ -3502,7 +3502,7 @@ Q_GLOBAL_STATIC(AndroidRandomStorage, randomTLS)
if two threads call qsrand(1) and subsequently call qrand(), the threads will get
the same random number sequence.
- \sa qrand()
+ \sa qrand(), QRandomGenerator
void qsrand(uint seed)
@@ -3553,10 +3553,12 @@ void qsrand(uint seed)
\c <stdlib.h>), the next number in the current sequence of pseudo-random
- Use \c qsrand() to initialize the pseudo-random number generator with
- a seed value.
+ Use \c qsrand() to initialize the pseudo-random number generator with a
+ seed value. Seeding must be performed at least once on each thread. If that
+ step is skipped, then the sequence will be pre-seeded with a constant
+ value.
- \sa qsrand()
+ \sa qsrand(), QRandomGenerator
int qrand()