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Fix crash when reading a PKCS12 file with no private key
The only reason our code wants PKCS12 files is for a private key, but a valid file needn't contain one; and reading a file without lead to a crash in QSslKeyPrivate::fromEVP_PKEY(). So check for missing key and fail the load, since the file is useless to us. Also ensure the caller's pkey is initialized, as we aren't promised that PKCS12_parse() will set it when there is no private key. Add a test for this case (it crashes without the fix) and update the instructions for how to generate test data to cover it also. (Corrected the wording there, too; at the interactive prompt, "providing no password" really provides an empty password.) Task-number: QTBUG-62335 Change-Id: I617508b903f6d9dee40d539b7136b0be8bc2c747 Reviewed-by: Timur Pocheptsov <>
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