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Android: use a canonical data dir for Qt environment variablesv5.10.0-rc3v5.10.0
ApplicationInfo.dataDir holds "/data/user/0" (Blackberry PRIV running Android 6.0.1), which is in fact a soft link to "/data/data". This directory is used as a prefix for various Qt environment variables, including QML2_IMPORT_PATH, which in turn is used for resolving QML type URIs, looking up Qt Quick Controls 2 styles, and so on. The QML engine is not happy with "/data/data" and "/data/user/0" being wildly mixed for QML types in the same module. Use the canonical path instead to avoid such conflicts. Change-Id: I1fd45736728ee662942d7ef48c3fbc553981c59b Task-number: QTBUG-64868 Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <>
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