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Doc: clarify what QUrl::topLevelDomain actually does
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@@ -3083,6 +3083,21 @@ bool QUrl::hasFragment() const
URL does not contain a valid TLD, in which case the function returns
an empty string.
+ Note that this function considers a TLD to be any domain that allows users
+ to register subdomains under, including many home, dynamic DNS websites and
+ blogging providers. This is useful for determining whether two websites
+ belong to the same infrastructure and communication should be allowed, such
+ as browser cookies: two domains should be considered part of the same
+ website if they share at least one label in addition to the value
+ returned by this function.
+ \list
+ \li \c{} and \c{} do not share a top-level domain
+ \li \c{} and \c{} share the \c{} domain, but the next label is different
+ \li \c{} and \c{} share the same top-level domain and one more label,
+ so they are considered part of the same site
+ \endlist
If \a options includes EncodeUnicode, the returned string will be in
ASCII Compatible Encoding.