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QtJson: simplify/add missing relational operators involving Latin1String
As noted by Mat Sutcliffe <>, there were no relational operators for Latin1String/QLatin1String and String/QLatin1String mixed comparisons, leading to implicit conversions from QL1S to QString in Entry::op==(QL1S). This patch fixes half of the issue, by providing the operators for Latin1String/QLatin1String. In doing so, it cleans up their definition (non-members, non-friends, delegating to existing QL1S operators where possible, passing both {Q,}Latin1String by value, as they're both Trivially Copyable and small). A follow-up patch will deal with String/QLatin1String comparisons. It will be not quite as straight-forward as this patch, since we don't, yet, have QStringView, the UTF-16 equivalent of QL1S, available. Amends a5159cc50aa0f8a57b6f736621b359a3bcecbf7e. Change-Id: I596358eb3ccf847b7680f171f9992f3fad80132c Reviewed-by: Mat Sutcliffe <> Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <>
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