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Prefer QPA implementation in qsystemtrayicon_x11 if available
In order to have the possibility to provide a custom QSystemTrayIcon implementation in the platform theme instead of the X11 xembed based one, the qpa implementation needs to be called. This was not possible as qpa and x11 implementation were compile time mutual exclusive. This change moves the qpa implementation in the shared part and the methods in qsystemtrayicon_qpa just delegate to them. In addition the _x11 part tries to create a QPlatformSystemTrayIcon through the platform theme and if that succeeds the implementation prefers the qpa variant and delegates to the same methods. Change-Id: I6b33acac63524a77ebdce39af6eb74666f8c7561 Reviewed-by: Kevin Krammer <> Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <> Reviewed-by: Paul Olav Tvete <>
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