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qdoc: Allow formal parameters in link targets
This update allows qdoc to handle \l commands for linking to functions, where the formal parameters are included in the link target. For example, \l {QWidget::find(QString name)} will only match a member function of QWidget that has a single parameter of type QString. The parameter name is not used in the search. Change-Id: I8a31c9a7ed632f12a0e6d8a33cbb5cd361098317 Task-number: QTBUG-47286 Reviewed-by: Martin Smith <>
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@@ -378,7 +378,7 @@ void **QListData::erase(void **xi)
references into a QVector and non-heap-allocating QLists.
Internally, QList\<T\> is represented as an array of T if
- If \c{sizeof(T) <= sizeof(void*)} and T has been declared to be
+ \c{sizeof(T) <= sizeof(void*)} and T has been declared to be
either a \c{Q_MOVABLE_TYPE} or a \c{Q_PRIMITIVE_TYPE} using
\l {Q_DECLARE_TYPEINFO}. Otherwise, QList\<T\> is represented
as an array of T* and the items are allocated on the heap.