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QXmlStream: optimize PrivateTagStack::addToStringStorage()
De-duplicate the QString/Ref code paths by using QStringView instead. Keep the old overloads so we can centrally apply the qToStringView- IgnoringNull() optimization. Replace insert(p, ..) where p = size() with append(..). The code ensures in the lines before that the insertion position is the end of the string. Port the few QLatin1String arguments to addToStringStorage() to QStringViewLiteral. I also considered adding a QLatin1String() overload, but the test size increased, so the function wasn't pulling its own weight. This version saves 360B in text size on optimized GCC 6.1 Linux AMD64 builds. Change-Id: I4b759fddc38b1f97a7218954e756cc19400922e9 Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <>
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