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committerEdward Welbourne <>2017-03-06 09:51:49 +0000
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Make QLocale consistent about special handling of the C locale
QLocale::matchingLocales() simply created each locale using the basic data, without (unless the matching conditions stipulated Language C) applying number-options hacks that it applies everywhere else, when creating the C locale. Thus the C locale in its returned list (if it wasn't the only entry) ended up with the default number options, without omiting separators in numbers. Thus QLocale::c() didn't actually appear as an entry in the list. Discovered while investigating QTBUG-58947. Added a dumb autotest that checks various ways of getting the C locale do actually give us equal locale objects. Fixed matchingLocales() to apply the same hack as is used elsewhere for the C locale. Change-Id: I263f31da623052b63171f5b5a83c65802383df21 Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <>
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diff --git a/src/corelib/tools/qlocale.cpp b/src/corelib/tools/qlocale.cpp
index 2ce410062a..c183224c82 100644
--- a/src/corelib/tools/qlocale.cpp
+++ b/src/corelib/tools/qlocale.cpp
@@ -2115,8 +2115,8 @@ QList<QLocale> QLocale::matchingLocales(QLocale::Language language,
&& (language == QLocale::AnyLanguage || data->m_language_id == uint(language))) {
if ((script == QLocale::AnyScript || data->m_script_id == uint(script))
&& (country == QLocale::AnyCountry || data->m_country_id == uint(country))) {
- QLocale locale(*QLocalePrivate::create(data));
- result.append(locale);
+ result.append(QLocale(*(data->m_language_id == C ? c_private()
+ : QLocalePrivate::create(data))));