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Refine handling of wMonth checks in QWinTimeZonePrivate
The MS API documents that the two TIME_ZONE_INFORMATION date fields either both have wMonth clear (when there is no DST) or both have it set (for each part of a DST pair). This rule is followed even when there's a standard time change without DST, with perverse results I'll deal with in a later commit. Add code in init() to verify the rule is followed and qWarning() if not. A year with no transitions doesn't imply no earlier or later year has transitions, so don't give up on searches for transitions because of it. Also fix a potential uninitialized variable bug, related to data() breaking out of a loop on such a year. Change-Id: I1ad86c07e54b2eb835a2e02d18dc64022f52a0d9 Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <>
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