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The C++ language doesn't support variable-length arrays on the stack.
For example, the following code won't compile:
- \snippet doc/src/snippets/code/doc_src_qvarlengtharray.cpp 0
+ \snippet code/doc_src_qvarlengtharray.cpp 0
The alternative is to allocate the array on the heap (with
- \snippet doc/src/snippets/code/doc_src_qvarlengtharray.cpp 1
+ \snippet code/doc_src_qvarlengtharray.cpp 1
However, if myfunc() is called very frequently from the
application's inner loop, heap allocation can be a major source
@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@
it is much faster than heap allocation.
- \snippet doc/src/snippets/code/doc_src_qvarlengtharray.cpp 2
+ \snippet code/doc_src_qvarlengtharray.cpp 2
In the example above, QVarLengthArray will preallocate 1024
elements on the stack and use them unless \c{n + 1} is greater
@@ -260,7 +260,7 @@
be used to access and modify the items in the array.
- \snippet doc/src/snippets/code/doc_src_qvarlengtharray.cpp 3
+ \snippet code/doc_src_qvarlengtharray.cpp 3
The pointer remains valid as long as the array isn't reallocated.