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CMake: Allow opting out of global target promotionHEADdev
The endless saga of fighting with qt_find_package and global target promotion. In certain scenarios we want to opt out of target promotion to global scope. One such case is in qttools with WrapLibClang and Threads::Threads. Threads::Threads will be found in the top-level scope via Qt6Dependencies. WrapLibClang is declared in src/ directory scope, and then we try to promote it ands its dependencies to the global scope, via qt_find_package() -> qt_find_package_promote_targets_to_global_scope(). This fails because we can't promote Threads::Threads due to it being added in a different subdirectory scope. Introduce 2 new functions. qt_internal_should_not_promote_package_target_to_global and qt_internal_disable_find_package_global_promotion. The first one is used to disable promotion of targets to global scope in qt_find_package. To mark a target not to be promoted, the second function is used. It will be used by qttools for the WrapLibClang case. Task-number: QTBUG-85877 Change-Id: If6caf10a94999402026517a623ae29e3ab1eeb7f Reviewed-by: Joerg Bornemann <>
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