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iOS: Add text selection support from the platform plugin
This patch will add touch based text selection support to Qt from the iOS plugin. QIOSTextInputOverlay will listen to changes to the focus object, and if IM enabled, create three different gesture recognizers that tracks what the user is doing. The first recogniser detects if the user does a press and hold on the text when there is no selection. If triggered, it will show a loupe that follows the touch around together with the cursor. The second recogniser will instead be active when text is selected, and takes care of drawing a set of handles on each side of the selection. If the user drags on any of the handles, a loupe will show that follows the touch/text line together with the handle. The third recogniser detects if the user does a tap, and depending on if there's a selection, or if the cursor didn't move, it will show or hide the edit menu. The handles and loupe are implemented as overlays using Core Animation layers. Change-Id: Idff6e40e12307a458c9c399b0487bb976fce29c8 Reviewed-by: Tor Arne Vestbø <>
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