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Improve support for <MODULE>_PATH options
Several modules, including DBus, MySQL, and OpenSSL have configure options of the form <MODULE>_PATH, which is used on Windows (where pkg-config is not present) to specify the locations of third-party libraries. These switches had been implemented by adding extra variables which were referenced in .pro files, to add the appropriate compiler and linker switches. This is undesirable because it means there are two independent paths for adding the switches to the build, which can get out of sync with each other, and indeed this had happened for some of the DBus tools. To remedy the situation, all three of the switches were reworked so that they added values directly to the principal variables that are used in the project files. This reduces maintenance, by ensuring that the pkg-config and non-pkg-config paths appear the same to the rest of the build system. Change-Id: Iae342f1d14b79fbcfef9fe38aadc803ad3141799 Reviewed-by: Oswald Buddenhagen <>
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