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Add deprecated headers support to syncqt
When renaming classes, or when moving classes from one module to another, it's useful to have a simple way of supporting the old API/location for some time. To this end, syncqt shall now recognize a "deprecatedheaders" section in sync.profile. It looks like this: %deprecatedheaders = ( "QtDeclarative" => { "qquickcanvas.h" => "QtQuick2/qquickcanvas.h", "qquickitem.h" => "QtQuick2/qquickitem.h", "QQuickCanvas" => "QtQuick2/QQuickCanvas", "QQuickItem" => "QtQuick2/QQuickItem", } ); In the above example, syncqt would generate a header called qquickcanvas.h for the QtDeclarative module; when included, this header will issue a warning and include <QtQuick2/qquickcanvas.h>. And so on, for the other entries. Deprecated headers are installed along with the module's normal headers. Change-Id: Ie2518b42275c2b2ff44216f07d376ccf5be6dc45 Reviewed-by: Marius Storm-Olsen <>
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