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qdoc: Give documenter more control of linking
This update enables using the module name as the parameter in square brackets for the \l command. You will use this when your link goes to the wrong page. e.g. Suppose this link command went to a page in QtGui instead of the page where it is meant to go in QtQuick: \l { mytarget } { the text for my link } When a link goes to a page in the wrong module, it means the target exists in more than one module and because qdoc searches the modules in sequence and stops when it finds a match, it might match the wrong target. This would be a collision in the single tree version of qdoc, but now qdoc builds a separate tree for each module. Since you know which module you want your link to go to, put the module name in square brackets as the first parameter, like this: \l [QtQuick] { mytarget } { the text for my link } Now qdoc will only search for mytarget in the tree for the QtQuick module. The \target command can now be used anywhere. It has not been tested in all possible locations, but it works in the places where people have asked why it doesn't work there. There will be a further update to complete this task for implementing the other types of parameters that can be in the square brackets. Task-number: QTBUG-39221 Change-Id: I2db4fdd0319ff272ec1d2fa9dc396f14599d80f9 Reviewed-by: Martin Smith <>
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