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CMake: Workaround building DBus 'car' example with qmake
While trying to implement instructions for building examples with qmake in the CI, an issue has surfaced. When building examples with CMake with -DBUILD_EXAMPLES=ON in the CI, the examples are built in-source, aka source dir == build dir. This means that the header files generated by qdbusxml2cpp will be placed in the qtbase source dir. The instructions that try to build examples with qmake build the examples in a separate build dir after building the examples with CMake. Unfortunately the qtbase/examples/dbus/remotecontrolledcar/car example includes the generated DBus adaptor header via a statement like #include "car_adaptor.h" and the compiler prefers to pick up the header file from the example source dir (the one generated by CMake), rather than the one generated by qmake in the example build dir. Because CMake's DBus integration uses different flags than qmake's DBus integration, the generated header file code is not compatible with the qmake generated cpp file, and the example fails to link when building with qmake, because it can't find an appropriate constructor symbol. In an ideal world, we wouldn't do in-source builds with the CMake build, but that leads to other issues which I currently don't recall. To circumvent the issue, adapt the CMake DBus qt6_add_dbus_adaptor function to allow not passing the problematic '-l' flag by making it optional. This shouldn't break existing code, but allows us to generate a compatible header that will be used by qmake and succeed in linking the example. Task-number: QTBUG-85986 Change-Id: I06759f79aeb66bb32da7f158f55dd4734c4a9887 Reviewed-by: Joerg Bornemann <>
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\section1 Synopsis
-qt5_add_dbus_adaptor(<VAR> dbus_spec header parent_class
+qt5_add_dbus_adaptor(<VAR> dbus_spec header
+ [parent_class]