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committerThiago Macieira <>2015-05-26 07:20:35 +0000
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Make sure we don't call dbus_connection_can_send_type on too old libdbus
This function was introduced alongside the support for Unix file descriptors, so it's a good indicator of whether Unix FDs are supported. Ever since dbus_minimal_p.h, however, DBUS_TYPE_UNIX_FD may be defined even if the system libs don't support it. In order to fix this issue, I had to fix what was apparently a merge conflict resolution mistake and remove the #ifdef around the test. Doing the latter is a good idea due to moc being unable to find <dbus/dbus.h>. This was tested with both linked and dynamically-loaded libdbus-1. Task-number: QTBUG-46199 Change-Id: I66a35ce5f88941f29aa6ffff13dfb4b5438613a3 Reviewed-by: Jani Vähäkangas <> Reviewed-by: Alex Blasche <>
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diff --git a/src/dbus/qdbus_symbols_p.h b/src/dbus/qdbus_symbols_p.h
index cec8ad62cb..32b76ee5bd 100644
--- a/src/dbus/qdbus_symbols_p.h
+++ b/src/dbus/qdbus_symbols_p.h
@@ -183,9 +183,6 @@ DEFINEFUNC(dbus_bool_t , dbus_connection_add_filter, (DBusConnection
void *user_data,
DBusFreeFunction free_data_function),
(connection, function, user_data, free_data_function), return)
-DEFINEFUNC(dbus_bool_t , dbus_connection_can_send_type, (DBusConnection *connection,
- int type),
- (connection, type), return)
DEFINEFUNC(void , dbus_connection_close, (DBusConnection *connection),
(connection), return)
DEFINEFUNC(DBusDispatchStatus , dbus_connection_dispatch, (DBusConnection *connection),