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CMake: Propagate qtbase's CMAKE_STAGING_PREFIX to Qt modulesHEADdev
When qtbase is configured with CMAKE_STAGING_PREFIX set, then Qt modules built against this qtbase should also get CMAKE_STAGING_PREFIX by default. Like CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX in regular builds, this prefix will be determined by the location of QtBuildInternalsExtra.cmake to support building Qt modules against an installer-provided Qt. CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX on the other hand must be exactly the value that was provided when building qtbase. If CMAKE_STAGING_PREFIX is specified by the user, honor it. To opt out of automatically setting CMAKE_STAGING_PREFIX, set QT_BUILD_INTERNALS_NO_FORCE_SET_STAGING_PREFIX to ON. Remove the old code that was supposed to set CMAKE_STAGING_PREFIX. Pick-to: 6.2 6.3 Fixes: QTBUG-99666 Change-Id: I20edef54c102ca9784fcdef0decf0bd83266ae11 Reviewed-by: Alexandru Croitor <>
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