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QToolTip: Don't crash if a tool tip is shown outside screen geometry
In some cases, a tool tip may be shown outside screen geometry, i.e. if: - QToolTip::showText is invoked manually with a position outside. - In tst_QToolTip::setPalette if there is no screen at (0, 0). This might happen in a multi-monitor setups where one screen is taller than the other. - On Wayland windows are (by design) not allowed to know their position on the screen. This means that global positions can't be trusted. This started crashing when QDesktopWidget::screenGeometry(pos) was replaced with QGuiApplication::screenAt(pos)->geometry() because screenAt will return null if no screen is found, while screenGeometry defaulted to the primary screen. This reverts to the old behavior of falling back to the primary screen. This won't solve the issue completely for the Wayland case, but at least we will stop crashing. Change-Id: I42dd07cc21c2f9f0ea0d69f0c25bd46d8a2615a0 Reviewed-by: Filipe Azevedo <> Reviewed-by: Christian Ehrlicher <> Reviewed-by: Richard Moe Gustavsen <>
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