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Fix the docs for resizeGL in QOpenGLWindow
Some of it was blindly copied from QOpenGLWidget and it does not apply. Change-Id: I73f358f74d286d3757a3a77a9bfe06887d57514a Reviewed-by: Gunnar Sletta <>
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@@ -479,9 +479,15 @@ void QOpenGLWindow::initializeGL()
This virtual function is called whenever the widget has been resized.
Reimplement it in a subclass. The new size is passed in \a w and \a h.
- There is no need to call makeCurrent() because this has already been done
- when this function is called. Additionally, the framebuffer, if there is one,
- is bound too.
+ \note This is merely a convenience function in order to provide an API that is
+ compatible with QOpenGLWidget. Unlike with QOpenGLWidget, derived classes are
+ free to choose to override resizeEvent() instead of this function.
+ \note Avoid issuing OpenGL commands from this function as there may not be a
+ context current when it is invoked. If it cannot be avoided, call makeCurrent().
+ \note Scheduling updates from here is not necessary. The windowing systems
+ will send expose events that trigger an update automatically.
\sa initializeGL(), paintGL()