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doc: minor cleanup in QPlatformWindow::setGeometry()
This patch amends a4c8129. This is more consistent with other parts in QPlatformWindow docs. Change-Id: I26d7a91849f3fde3ab2a0f3c81e00a5f9c830707 Reviewed-by: Jesus Fernandez <> Reviewed-by: Tor Arne Vestbø <>
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@@ -122,11 +122,12 @@ QSurfaceFormat QPlatformWindow::format() const
implementation of this function in any override of QPlatformWindow::setGeometry(), as
QWindow::geometry() is expected to report back the set geometry until a confirmation
(or rejection) of the new geometry comes back from the window manager and is reported
- via handleGeometryChange().
+ via QWindowSystemInterface::handleGeometryChange().
Window move/resizes can also be triggered spontaneously by the window manager, or as a
response to an earlier requested move/resize via the Qt APIs. There is no need to call
- this function from the window manager callback, instead call QPA::handleGeometryChange.
+ this function from the window manager callback, instead call
+ QWindowSystemInterface::handleGeometryChange().
The position(x, y) part of the rect might be inclusive or exclusive of the window frame
as returned by frameMargins(). You can detect this in the plugin by checking