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D-Bus tray icons: try to use them with QGenericUnixTheme
Until now, only the Gnome and KDE themes have done this. But the gtk2 theme is not the same as the gnome theme. Further, Ubuntu sets the environment variable QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=appmenu-qt5 if that plugin is installed on the system; and then with a custom build of Qt which cannot load the module (e.g. a static build), it will again fall back to QGenericUnixTheme instead of the gnome theme. In both cases we want to still try to use D-Bus StatusNotifier protocol instead of XEmbed. In general it should always be safe to check whether or not that is possible, before falling back to the XEmbed tray icon implementation. Change-Id: I86d6c6f6ad410ea31770d39166d0a7e3330365a0 Reviewed-by: Rafael Roquetto <>
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