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@@ -1940,7 +1940,7 @@ QMatrix4x4 QMatrix4x4::orthonormalInverse() const
Normally the QMatrix4x4 class keeps track of this special type internally
as operations are performed. However, if the matrix is modified
- directly with operator()() or data(), then QMatrix4x4 will lose track of
+ directly with {QLoggingCategory::operator()}{operator()()} or data(), then QMatrix4x4 will lose track of
the special type and will revert to the safest but least efficient
operations thereafter.
@@ -1948,7 +1948,7 @@ QMatrix4x4 QMatrix4x4::orthonormalInverse() const
the programmer can force QMatrix4x4 to recover the special type if
the elements appear to conform to one of the known optimized types.
- \sa operator()(), data(), translate()
+ \sa {QLoggingCategory::operator()}{operator()()}, data(), translate()
void QMatrix4x4::optimize()