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Fix documentation typos
This patch fixes 2 simple typos in QGraphicsItem and QPainter documentation and a copy/paste error between QAbstractItemModel's beginRemoveColumns and beginRemoveRows documentation. Change-Id: I32bdc4dc69154a40fe30a5b8c08d0c3a001853f8 Reviewed-by: Harri Porten <> Reviewed-by: Marc Mutz <>
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@@ -5968,7 +5968,7 @@ void QPainter::drawText(const QRect &r, int flags, const QString &str, QRect *br
\snippet code/src_gui_painting_qpainter.cpp 17
- The \a boundingRect (if not null) is set to the what the bounding rectangle
+ The \a boundingRect (if not null) is set to what the bounding rectangle
should be in order to enclose the whole text. For example, in the following
image, the dotted line represents \a boundingRect as calculated by the
function, and the dashed line represents \a rectangle: