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Add support for flatpak portals
Adds support for OpenURI and Email Flatpak portals. To support them we just do specific DBus calls, which are then caught and forwarded by xdg-desktop-portal daemon/service. This is needed for Qt applications running in sandbox, otherwise they cannot open links or email clients inside sandbox. Other portal support, like for opening files can be added into a platform theme, but adding support for OpenURI and Email portal requires writing custom platform services plugin and this is only possible when you write complete platform plugin, thus we want to have this support directly in Qt. Support for other portals will most likely follow soon, but at this moment we have to get rid of creating our custom platform plugin to just have our own platform services for flatpak support. [ChangeLog][Platform Specific Changes][Linux] Added support for flatpak portals. Flatpak is a software utility for software deployment and package management. It provides a sandbox environment in which users can run applications in isolation from the rest of the system. To communicate with the system flatpak uses portals, which are designed to be a bridge between sandboxed applications and desktop/system running on user's computer. Flatpak runs automatically this as service, called xdg-desktop-portal, which exports portals on DBus and which are by default visible to all applications running under Flatpak. Change-Id: Ice57ad120d30a3154b133172c79d8e9d6e61bd4c Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <>
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