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Support visual cursor movement for BIDI text
Bidi input can in some contexts be more intuitive if the cursor works in visual way: pressing left arrow key always make cursor move one character to the left regardless the language of text, pressing right arrow key always make cursor move to the right. It is also the behavior of Mac OS X. Based on the above reason and requests from Symbian we implemented this support for visual movement in BIDI text. 3 public properties are added to QTextDocument, QTextLayout and QLineEdit respectively: - QTextDocument::defaultCursorMoveStyle can be used to control the cursor behavior in all widgets based on QTextDocument, like QTextEdit, QPlainTextEdit, etc. When set to QTextCursor:: Visual, it will enable visual movement for all the cursors in the corresponding text edit. Default is QTextCursor::Logical. - QTextLayout::cursorMoveStyle is used for low-level cursor manipulation. When set to Visual, it will enable visual movement behavior for all the cursor related methods, including cursorToX, xToCursor and drawCursor. Default is Logical. - QLineEdit::cursorMoveStyle is used to control cursor movement behavior in QLineEdit. Default is Logical.: Task-number: QTBUG-13859 Reviewed-by: Eskil (cherry picked from commit c480dd641f5d22d1ee72cb27bf39e24c6df65658)
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diff --git a/src/gui/text/qtextdocument.h b/src/gui/text/qtextdocument.h
index f87ccc91e8..e515b36cc0 100644
--- a/src/gui/text/qtextdocument.h
+++ b/src/gui/text/qtextdocument.h
@@ -46,6 +46,7 @@
#include <QtCore/qsize.h>
#include <QtCore/qrect.h>
#include <QtGui/qfont.h>
+#include <QtGui/qtextcursor.h>
@@ -60,7 +61,6 @@ class QPainter;
class QPrinter;
class QAbstractTextDocumentLayout;
class QPoint;
-class QTextCursor;
class QTextObject;
class QTextFormat;
class QTextFrame;
@@ -269,6 +269,9 @@ public:
QTextOption defaultTextOption() const;
void setDefaultTextOption(const QTextOption &option);
+ QTextCursor::MoveStyle defaultCursorMoveStyle() const;
+ void setDefaultCursorMoveStyle(QTextCursor::MoveStyle style);
void contentsChange(int from, int charsRemoves, int charsAdded);
void contentsChanged();