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Refactor QVersionNumber so it stores values in-class
The common case of QVersionNumber is that there are few segments and each segment is a small integers. So instead of allocating a QVector<int>, just store those numbers in the class itself if possible. Think of this as a "Small String Optimization" for QVersionNumber. QVector<int> costs 16 + 4*N bytes, plus malloc overhead. After this change, QVersionNumber(5,4,0) will have an overhead of zero. The memory layout is explained in the header. I've coded it so big endian also works, but I have not tested it at all. Aside from the special functions for QVersionNumber and operator>>, all the rest of the algorithm could have been left unchanged. I only updated segments(), normalized(), compare(), commonPrefix() and fromString() to take advantage of the smaller implementation in a more efficient way. Note: QVersionNumber's constructors often leave half of the object or more uninitialized. That's not a problem. Change-Id: I4a2a0ce09fce2580f02d678e2f80b1dba74bac9d Reviewed-by: Marc Mutz <>
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