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Update QTouchEvent docs with regards to raw positions
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@@ -3863,11 +3863,16 @@ QTouchEvent::TouchPoint::InfoFlags QTouchEvent::TouchPoint::flags() const
- Returns the raw, unfiltered positions for the touch point. The positions are in screen coordinates.
+ Returns the raw, unfiltered positions for the touch point. The positions are in native screen coordinates.
To get local coordinates you can use mapFromGlobal() of the QWindow returned by QTouchEvent::window().
\note Returns an empty list if the touch device's capabilities do not include QTouchDevice::RawPositions.
+ \note Native screen coordinates refer to the native orientation of the screen which, in case of
+ mobile devices, is typically portrait. This means that on systems capable of screen orientation
+ changes the positions in this list will not reflect the current orientation (unlike pos(),
+ screenPos(), etc.) and will always be reported in the native orientation.
\sa QTouchDevice::capabilities(), device(), window()
QList<QPointF> QTouchEvent::TouchPoint::rawScreenPositions() const