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testlib: add QFINDTESTDATA macro for finding testdata files
Automated tests often need to load some data from external files. Currently, a wide variety of approaches for this have been used in Qt autotests, including: - embed the source directory into the test binary at compile time, and find the testdata relative to that; this fails when the source tree is no longer available (e.g. when the tests are deployed to a device). - use a path relative to the current working directory, and trust that the caller always sets the current working directory such that the testdata can be found; this fails when the caller uses a different working directory than expected. - use a path relative to QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath(); this fails when source tree != build tree (since testdata is not automatically copied into the build tree). - compile the files into the binary using the Qt resource system; this should work, but does not allow for testing of code which genuinely needs external files. It seems that there is not a simple method for determining the testdata path which can be reliably used in all circumstances, so various tests have reinvented the testdata location method in different ways. Therefore, this is a good candidate for an addition to the testlib API. The current implementation of QFINDTESTDATA is able to find testdata in all three of (build tree, install tree, source tree), in that order. Change-Id: Ib2fed860723ccf437240da3b00db22dfe1a6b56c Reviewed-by: Jason McDonald <>
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@@ -13,4 +13,4 @@ QT.testlib.plugins = $$QT_MODULE_PLUGIN_BASE
QT.testlib.imports = $$QT_MODULE_IMPORT_BASE
QT.testlib.depends = core
QT.testlib.CONFIG = console