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Optimize QString::compare_helper(QChar*, int, char*, int, cs)
... by using the recently-added QUtf8::convertToUnicode() and a QVarLengthArray instead of QString::fromUtf8(). Like elsewhere in QString, use a QVarLengthArray<ushort> instead of the more natural <QChar> to avoid instantiating another QVLA. Assume that length2 is usually set to a non-negative value. Not because that's necessarily the frequent case, but because a negative length2 leads to an expensive strlen, that usually dwarfs the additional branch cost. Check for data2 == nullptr early to avoid having to check it later twice. Change-Id: I04bda44ed857451efdf04c3283b5726480dd8c0d Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <>
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