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Long live QNetworkDatagram!
This commit adds a new class called QNetworkDatagram that encapsulates the IP packet header and UDP/IP stack metadata along with the actual payload data. It can be used for both receiving as well as sending data. It's called QNetworkDatagram so it can be used by QSctpSocket too, when that lands. [ChangeLog][QtNetwork] Added QNetworkDatagram class, along with new function receiveDatagram in QUdpSocket that returns it and an overload to writeDatagram that can accept it. Change-Id: Iee8cbc07c4434ce9b560ffff13ca467f425ddc3d Reviewed-by: Alex Trotsenko <> Reviewed-by: Richard J. Moore <>
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diff --git a/src/network/doc/snippets/code/src_network_socket_qudpsocket.cpp b/src/network/doc/snippets/code/src_network_socket_qudpsocket.cpp
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@@ -61,14 +61,7 @@ void Server::initSocket()
void Server::readPendingDatagrams()
while (udpSocket->hasPendingDatagrams()) {
- QByteArray datagram;
- datagram.resize(udpSocket->pendingDatagramSize());
- QHostAddress sender;
- quint16 senderPort;
- udpSocket->readDatagram(, datagram.size(),
- &sender, &senderPort);
+ QNetworkDatagram datagram = udpSocket->receiveDatagram();