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committerThe Qt Project <>2014-04-25 15:18:29 +0200
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Don't use GL_REPEAT for image-brush drawing on OpenGL ES2
Backport of commit 8dfeb1c374972f06759a92b4edc5d6a18b96ccec in QtGui to the same class in the QtOpenGL module. OpenGL ES2 doesn't support NPOT textures in combination with GL_REPEAT, so for OpenGL ES2 we use a custom program that emulates repeat by taking the fractional part of the texture coordinates. This is not enough though, as merely setting GL_TEXTURE_WRAP_x to GL_REPEAT with a NPOT texture is an error in some implementations, so we have to guard the call to updateTextureFilter() in updateBrushTexture() with a check for OpenGL ES2 and use GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE instead. Change-Id: Icbdd784c2c6d562849679f87da18b20d5441f389 Reviewed-by: Laszlo Agocs <>
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diff --git a/src/opengl/gl2paintengineex/qpaintengineex_opengl2.cpp b/src/opengl/gl2paintengineex/qpaintengineex_opengl2.cpp
index 2b49e4d2d1..2ec4434d57 100644
--- a/src/opengl/gl2paintengineex/qpaintengineex_opengl2.cpp
+++ b/src/opengl/gl2paintengineex/qpaintengineex_opengl2.cpp
@@ -223,11 +223,19 @@ void QGL2PaintEngineExPrivate::updateBrushTexture()
if (currentBrushPixmap.width() > max_texture_size || currentBrushPixmap.height() > max_texture_size)
currentBrushPixmap = currentBrushPixmap.scaled(max_texture_size, max_texture_size, Qt::KeepAspectRatio);
+ GLuint wrapMode = GL_REPEAT;
+ if (ctx->contextHandle()->isES()) {
+ // OpenGL ES does not support GL_REPEAT wrap modes for NPOT textures. So instead,
+ // we emulate GL_REPEAT by only taking the fractional part of the texture coords
+ // in the qopenglslTextureBrushSrcFragmentShader program.
+ wrapMode = GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE;
+ }
funcs.glActiveTexture(GL_TEXTURE0 + QT_BRUSH_TEXTURE_UNIT);
QGLTexture *tex = ctx->d_func()->bindTexture(currentBrushPixmap, GL_TEXTURE_2D, GL_RGBA,
QGLContext::InternalBindOption |
- updateTextureFilter(GL_TEXTURE_2D, GL_REPEAT, q->state()->renderHints & QPainter::SmoothPixmapTransform);
+ updateTextureFilter(GL_TEXTURE_2D, wrapMode, q->state()->renderHints & QPainter::SmoothPixmapTransform);
textureInvertedY = tex->options & QGLContext::InvertedYBindOption ? -1 : 1;
brushTextureDirty = false;