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Improve OpenGL docs
* Mark all Open GL classes with \inmodule QtOpenGL. Otherwise, they weren't listed in the list of classes. * Remove a reference to Motif Change-Id: I75680712b212cf46b869014d3678b56d022c6323 Reviewed-by: Jerome Pasion <>
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@@ -162,6 +162,8 @@ QGLSignalProxy *QGLSignalProxy::instance()
\class QGLFormat
+ \inmodule QtOpenGL
\brief The QGLFormat class specifies the display format of an OpenGL
rendering context.
@@ -1809,6 +1811,8 @@ struct DDSFormat {
\class QGLContext
+ \inmodule QtOpenGL
\brief The QGLContext class encapsulates an OpenGL rendering context.
\ingroup painting-3D
@@ -3234,11 +3238,12 @@ void QGLContextPrivate::setCurrentContext(QGLContext *context)
\class QGLWidget
+ \inmodule QtOpenGL
\brief The QGLWidget class is a widget for rendering OpenGL graphics.
\ingroup painting-3D
QGLWidget provides functionality for displaying OpenGL graphics
integrated into a Qt application. It is very simple to use. You
inherit from it and use the subclass like any other QWidget,