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Fixed error in QGLFramebufferObject and QOpenGLFramebufferObject docs.
It's the format class that lets you control the number of samples. Change-Id: Id01f107a15787f33b65429d3c882854f2dc8784e Reviewed-by: Gunnar Sletta <>
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@@ -751,8 +751,8 @@ void QGLFramebufferObjectPrivate::init(QGLFramebufferObject *q, const QSize &sz,
Note that you need to create a QGLFramebufferObject with more than one
sample per pixel for primitives to be antialiased when drawing using a
QPainter. To create a multisample framebuffer object you should use one of
- the constructors that take a QGLFramebufferObject parameter, and set the
- QGLFramebufferObject::samples() property to a non-zero value.
+ the constructors that take a QGLFramebufferObjectFormat parameter, and set
+ the QGLFramebufferObjectFormat::samples() property to a non-zero value.
When painting to a QGLFramebufferObject using QPainter, the state of
the current GL context will be altered by the paint engine to reflect