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Add palette() and further hints to QtGui/QPlatformTheme.
- Move palette() from deprecated QtWidgets/QGuiPlatformPlugin to QtGui/QPlatformTheme, Make it return a const * since QPalette does not have isNull(). - Initialize QGuiApplication::palette() and QApplication::systemPalette() from it. - Do not initialize QPalette from QGuiApplication::palette() unless app_pal is non-null (default to Qt::black if it is 0). This avoids initialization order crashes/recursions in the QPA plugin. Streamline initialization function. - Remove styleName(), systemIconThemeName() and iconSearchPaths() from QGuiPlatformPlugin and re-add them as QPlatformTheme::themeHint(). - Remove styleHint() from QGuiPlatformPlugin, add it to QPlatformTheme::themeHint(). - Add UNIX themes with factory function (Generic, KDE, Gnome), taking it from Qt 4.8 code (stripping the KDE 3 code). - Implement Windows palettes. Task-number: QTBUG-24204 Change-Id: Ie27ec035df4f84c42deaffc4816b2e53ce705462 Reviewed-by: Morten Johan Sørvig <>
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