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Move plugin code from QtNetwork to qtbase/plugins
All TLS (and non-TLS) backends that QSsl classes rely on are now in plugins/tls (as openssl, securetransport, schannel and certonly plugins). For now, I have to disable some tests that were using OpenSSL calls - this to be refactored/re-thought. These include: qsslsocket auto-test (test-case where we work with private keys), qsslkey auto-test (similar to qsslsocket - test-case working with keys using OpenSSL calls). qasn1element moved to plugins too, so its auto-test have to be re-thought. Since now we can have more than one working TLS-backend on a given platform, the presence of OpenSSL also means I force this backend as active before running tests, to make sure features implemented only in OpenSSL-backend are tested. OCSP auto test is disabled for now, since it heavily relies on OpenSSL symbols (to be refactored). [ChangeLog][QtNetwork][QSslSocket] QSslSocket by default prefers 'openssl' backend if it is available. [ChangeLog][QtNetwork][QSslSocket] TLS-backends are not mutually exclusive anymore, depending on a platform, more than one TLS backend can be built. E.g., configuring Qt with -openssl does not prevent SecureTransport or Schannel plugin from being built. Fixes: QTBUG-91928 Change-Id: I4c05e32f10179066bee3a518bdfdd6c4b15320c3 Reviewed-by: Qt CI Bot <> Reviewed-by: Edward Welbourne <> Reviewed-by: MÃ¥rten Nordheim <>
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