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native android support with eglfs
Enable eglfs build against any android > 4 tree, linking to native libs without emulation layers, running on top of surfaceflinger. No GNUs where harmed in the process. Yes, any android. Tested on maguro, tf300, eeepc-x86 x86-64 compiles but broken elsewhere. You don't need an, but you must compile from within a shell setup with androids "lunch" or an equivalent that set TOP and OUT. Since we do callbacks to androids build system, the same env restrictions apply (must use gnu bash, and gnumake 3.81) Done-with: Samuel Roedal <> Done-with: Robin Burchell <> Done-with: Brian Avery <> Change-Id: Iec0178cdeadbeefc79e4fe6ef449d399ac8ca666 Reviewed-by: Samuel Rødal <>
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