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Update touchscreen plug-in's readme
To match the new mouse-for-unhandled-touch-event feature in QGuiApplication. Change-Id: Ifa3872ab51a8e95bee235a3681b0a9d1ec13081c Reviewed-by: Samuel Rødal <>
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@@ -20,11 +20,9 @@ screen. If this is not desired, pass force_window in the plugin
specification as shown in the example above. This will cause mapping
the touch surface to the active window instead.
-Only touch events are generated, mouse events are not. This is because
-on desktop the touch device will usually act as a single-point mouse
-replacement by default. For embedded systems the code could to be
-extended to generate also mouse events (by calling handleMouseEvent
-for the primary touch point for example).
+Only touch events are generated, mouse events are not. Be aware however
+that ignored touch events will generate a mouse event from the first
+touch point by default. See AA_SynthesizeMouseForUnhandledTouchEvents.
(2) Using in a compositor