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testlib: Clarify that our XUnit reporter is actually a JUnit reporter
The reporter was probably named 'xunit' based on the historical use of xUnit to refer to testing frameworks derived from Smalltalk's SUnit. These frameworks typically added their own prefix, e.g. JUnit for Java, RUnit for R, etc. The most popular of these was the JUnit framework, and the corresponding XML output produced by the Ant built tool became somewhat of a de facto standard, which is probably why we chose to model our reporter after it. Nowadays however, naming it 'xunit' is problematic as there is actually a testing famework named, typically shortened to, you guessed it: xunit. Test report consumers will typically have a junit mode, and an xunit mode, and the latter could easily be mistaken for what testlib outputs, unless we clarify this. The clarification also allows us to safely extend our support for the JUnit XML format to incorporate some elements that are nowadays common, but where we are lagging behind the standard. [ChangeLog][QTestLib] The formerly named 'xunitxml' test reporter has been renamed to what it actually is: a JUnit test reporter, and is now triggered by passing -o junitxml to the test binary. Change-Id: Ieb20d3d2b5905c74e55b98174948cc70870c0ef9 Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <> Reviewed-by: Simon Hausmann <>
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