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+The Qt Platform Abstraction - QPA
+QPA is the platform abstraction layer for Qt 5 and replaces QWS and the
+platform ports from Qt 4.
+There is currently little documentation for QPA. The best approach for
+developing a new platform plugin is to look at the other plugins and
+see how they implement the APIs in question. The "minimal" plugin
+is a good starting point. The xcb, windows, cocoa, and qnx plugins
+are also actively developed and up to date.
+QPA plugins are implemented by subclassing various QPlatform*
+classes. There are two "root" classes: QPlatformIntegration for
+window system integration and QPlatformTheme for deeper platform
+theming and integration. QStyle is not a part of QPA.
+The APIs provided by QPlatformIntegration are at this point (5.0 Alpha)
+mostly stable. QPlatformTheme still has ongoing development. There
+are no source or binary compatibility guarantees for the QPA classes,
+meaning that a platform plugin is only guaranteed to work with the Qt
+version it was developed against. API changes will however only be
+made in minor releases. (5.1, 5.2, and so on.)
+Class Overview:
+ QPlatformWindow
+ QPlatformBackingStore
+ QPlatformOpenGLContext
+ QPlatformSharedGraphicsCache
+ QPlatformFontDatabase
+ QPlatformClipboard
+ QPlatformDrag
+ QAbstractEventDispatcher
+ QPlatformInputContext
+ QPlatformAccessibility
+ QPlatformNativeInterface
+ QPlatformServices
+ QPlatformMenu
+ QPlatformMenuBar
+ QPlatformDialogHelper
+ platform palettes
+ platform fonts
+ theme hints
+src/platformsupport contains several helper classes for implementing
+platform plugins on unix-like systems.