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Listen to touch events on the master device instead of slave.
Listening to touch events on the master prevents pointer emulation events from being generated, alleviating the need to grab. Grabbing on the slave device is buggy, and breaks pointer emulation on all current servers that support XInput 2.2 due to a bug in the server, and will also grab unwanted touch events. For reference, see Reverts 2c65b78b400ec27e6e559829b9a970dca2df6669. The idea of enabling each touchscreen separately was introduced in 4dbf574b7acb7ae8f852219700afa95f8d568f0e; that aspect is also reverted. Change-Id: I30d36397aa4ff2fb7a8ad2bbb94c2a13abd472b4 Task-number: QTBUG-38625 Reviewed-by: Shawn Rutledge <>
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