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macOS: Propagate device-pixel-ratio of system tray icon
When preparing a system tray icon on a system with a retina screen, we end up creating a full-height icon of height 44. If there's also a 1x screen available, macOS will scale down this image for us when presenting the icon on the 1 screen, but the downscale will fail to preserve the aspect ratio of the original image on Big Sur. Telling macOS which device-pixel-ratio the image has seems to fix this, and is the right thing to do in any case. Fixes: QTBUG-88600 Change-Id: Ic31def94d073da1b256bbfcaf5905f92c169f43d Reviewed-by: Alexandru Croitor <> (cherry picked from commit a6aaa2b7071b7666a807b450dc5738742f3cc9e0) Reviewed-by: Qt Cherry-pick Bot <>
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@@ -226,6 +226,7 @@ void QCocoaSystemTrayIcon::updateIcon(const QIcon &icon)
p.drawPixmap(r, pixmap);
+ fullHeightPixmap.setDevicePixelRatio(devicePixelRatio);
NSImage *nsimage = static_cast<NSImage *>(qt_mac_create_nsimage(fullHeightPixmap));
[nsimage setTemplate:icon.isMask()];