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Windows: Introduce QFileDialog::DontUseCustomDirectoryIcons
Folders can have a custom icon, set by the user. Some system folders also have one, for example c:\windows\fonts. This option allows you to disable this behavior, you'll get the folder directory icon. As a side-effect, you'll get a very big performance improvement on removable/network media: 2 seconds vs 60 seconds on a SDCard with 10000 folders. Change-Id: Id55ea628186e0a6523585ec7a4ff622d6f5da505 Reviewed-by: Giuseppe D'Angelo <>
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diff --git a/src/plugins/platforms/cocoa/qcocoatheme.h b/src/plugins/platforms/cocoa/qcocoatheme.h
index cac059763d..e4237c9b3e 100644
--- a/src/plugins/platforms/cocoa/qcocoatheme.h
+++ b/src/plugins/platforms/cocoa/qcocoatheme.h
@@ -68,7 +68,9 @@ public:
const QPalette *palette(Palette type = SystemPalette) const;
const QFont *font(Font type = SystemFont) const;
QPixmap standardPixmap(StandardPixmap sp, const QSizeF &size) const;
- QPixmap fileIconPixmap(const QFileInfo &fileInfo, const QSizeF &size) const;
+ QPixmap fileIconPixmap(const QFileInfo &fileInfo,
+ const QSizeF &size,
+ QPlatformTheme::IconOptions options = 0) const;
QVariant themeHint(ThemeHint hint) const;