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authorTor Arne Vestbø <>2017-07-04 17:01:22 +0200
committerTor Arne Vestbø <>2017-07-08 16:53:28 +0000
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macOS: Move geometry reporting from QNSView to QCocoaWindow
There's no longer any reason to call out from QCocoaWindow to QNView for this, as the geometry events from AppKit are delivered directly to the QCocoaWindow. Most of the data used in the implementation are coming from QCocoaWindow anyways, and this enables geometry events for foreign windows in the future. Change-Id: Idd724d078e9981304dcbe6742b9ddc71640a2350 Reviewed-by: Tor Arne Vestbø <>
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diff --git a/src/plugins/platforms/cocoa/qcocoawindow.h b/src/plugins/platforms/cocoa/qcocoawindow.h
index 98c74c07f3..533ad3444b 100644
--- a/src/plugins/platforms/cocoa/qcocoawindow.h
+++ b/src/plugins/platforms/cocoa/qcocoawindow.h
@@ -226,6 +226,8 @@ public: // for QNSView
bool alwaysShowToolWindow() const;
void removeMonitor();
+ void handleGeometryChange();
NSView *m_view;
QCocoaNSWindow *m_nsWindow;