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Revert "Emit updateBlock signal in QTextDocumentLayout"
This reverts commit 13040043b2f2274de74c296ede7dd3e6ffb67dcb. It introduced a bad regression, noticeable for longer documents, as it would cause the documentChanged(0, length) to trigger a layout of the entire document. The bug report for the commit (or the commit itself) does not contain a test case, but it is regardless the wrong approach. Note that QQuickTextEdit already listens to the contentsChange signal and invalidates the changed parts of the document as a reaction to this, so it should already work as expected. [ChangeLog][Qt Gui][Text] Fixed performance hit from showing large QTextDocuments in a QTextEdit or QTextBrowser. (Regression introduced in Qt 5.3.0) Task-number: QTBUG-51411 Change-Id: I6e7fbf8f62a1d68779eef5da3781de14d9fdcad8 Reviewed-by: Simon Hausmann <>
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