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macOS: Add note about high-resolution workaround in QCocoaGLContext::makeCurrent
Change-Id: I0b82ef95c1a058586e8005665e1e2cab3f975833 Reviewed-by: Gabriel de Dietrich <>
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@@ -371,6 +371,8 @@ bool QCocoaGLContext::makeCurrent(QPlatformSurface *surface)
// convertSizeToBacking and backingScaleFactor APIs. A typical result of this is that Qt
// will display a quarter of the window content when running in a virtual machine.
if (!m_didCheckForSoftwareContext) {
+ // FIXME: This ensures we check only once per context,
+ // but the context may be used for multiple surfaces.
m_didCheckForSoftwareContext = true;
const GLubyte* renderer = glGetString(GL_RENDERER);