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iOS: Implement QIOSBackingStore in terms of a QOpenGLPaintDevice
We build on top of the QPlatformOpenGLContext implementation to get automatic support for QBackingStore-based painting. Since the OpenGL renderer does not clear the backingstore between frames, we actually also get support for partial updates, and we get the benefit of an accelerated paint engine for Qt Quick 1 without setting a GLWidget as the viewport, which would cause issues such as an extra QWindow. This patch also removes the dependency to QtOpenGL and QtWidgets, which were leftovers from the Qt4 platform plugin. In Qt5 the needed GL bits are in QtGui. Change-Id: Id9b736bfb2e4aec56c0fa9f5b7b4d8bff8e3d1dc Reviewed-by: Richard Moe Gustavsen <>
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@@ -3,8 +3,7 @@ TARGET = qios
DESTDIR = $$QT.gui.plugins/platforms
-QT += opengl
-QT += core-private gui-private platformsupport-private opengl-private widgets-private
+QT += core-private gui-private platformsupport-private
LIBS += -framework UIKit -framework QuartzCore