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Widgets: enable scroll buttons to be placed anywhere on a QTabBar
If a tab bar contain more tabs than it can fit inside its geometry, it will show two scroll buttons that lets the user scroll left or right. From before, those buttons where hard coded to always be placed together on the right side of the tab bar. This patch will make it possible for the style to specify the exact geometry of both scroll buttons. The reason for this is that 3rd party styles has a specific need to place the "scroll left" button on the left side, and the "scroll right" on the right side. Additionally, there is a need to draw fade-out effects on tabs that end up half-way obscured by the buttons. This can already be achieved by extending the tab tear concept to include two tears/fade effects, one for each side of the tab bar. Previous code in QTabBar that hard-coded scroll buttons and related functionality will now be factored out to the style, and the base style (QCommonStyle) will implement the old default logic of placing the buttons together on the right side. Six new style enums will be added: SE_TabBarScrollLeftButton: the rect of the left scroll button SE_TabBarScrollRightButton: the rect of the right scroll button SE_TabBarTearIndicatorLeft: the rect of the left tab tear SE_TabBarTearIndicatorRight: the rect of the right tab tear PE_IndicatorTabTearLeft: draw the left tab tear PE_IndicatorTabTearRight: draw the right tab tear Change-Id: I4cda05c2f7323de5cbd3ca071eb796085257c19b Reviewed-by: Gabriel de Dietrich <>
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